Oakley - One Obsession

Sean Pettit: One Obsession

Sean Pettit is a trailblazer constantly searching for what’s next. He’s never satisfied with his accomplishments because he’s convinced he can always do better. Whether it’s a line never before tried, a fresh twist on an already crazy trick or a new film project, his goal is always to innovate—make something new and have fun doing it.

Source – https://youtu.be/73r_eAw4XGs


Matt Kemp: One Obsession

Matt Kemp is more than an outfielder, he’s an outlier; his off-season workouts test his physical, mental, and emotional edge. Hitting thousands of balls in the cage is just his warm-up. Kemp’s cooldown consists of endless pull-ups, dead lifts, wind sprints and platform jumps. Why? To own the 162-game season unlike any other player on the field.

Source – https://youtu.be/nEcB6iP-mks

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